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Gabler Electrical Services are ACMA registered Cablers. Qualified to perform work on your phone, internet and security alarm cables in your home or place of business.

We are the local registered cabler sevice for the ACT region. Call for us when you need phone and internet wiring in your home or office.

Our cabling services include installing, repairing and maintaining sockets, security systems and data cabling. We work on existing buildings and new construction throughout Canberra 



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Phones and internet

  • extra phone sockets in existing networks for phones, faxes or internet connections
  • cabling and sockets for additional phone lines with a new number 
  • data cabling for computers that connect to the telecommunications network
  • connecting from an NBN modem to data or voice cabling.


Security and alarm systems

  • monitored security systems or fire alarms

New buildings and renovations

  • Communications cabling in new houses and offices
  • rewiring cabling and sockets for renovations

Following is a list of just a few of the cabling services that Gabler Electrical can provide for your home or business 


Gabler Electrical Services are local registered cablers nearby who  can install, maintain or repair:

  • broadband (data or co-axial cable in a lift, home or small office)
  • structured (for example, data cable Cat5/6)
  • optical-fibre cable
  • co-axial cable
  • aerial cable
  • underground cable

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