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Govt & Commercial Electricians Canberra

commercial building

Gabler Electrical Services performs a range of electrical work for commercial applications including:


All our electricians are qualified, licenced and insured to provide electrical services to your commercial property. Gabler Electrical can also arrange for Level 2 Electrical Contractors if required.


EcoSmart Commercial Electricians Canberra

Gabler Electrical Services provide efficient energy solutions to ensure that your commercial property isn’t wasting electricity. 

Ssaving you money and giving you piece of mind. Chris and his team can also provide eco-solutions for schools and government agencies.

Commercial Electrician & Government Electrical Contractor Services

  • ACMA accredited structural cable installation
  • Earth wire installation
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation
  • Outdoor lighting installation
  • Level 1 certified thermography
  • Panel repair
  • Panel replacement or upgrade
  • Power restoration
  • Remodelling
  • Safety switch and surge protection
  • Security system installation
  • Socket or switch installation
  • Socket or switch relocation
  • Test and tagging service

Energy Saving Commercial LED Lighting for your Business

Gabler Electrical Sevices can upgrade your current Halogen or Fluorescent lighting in your workplace with Energy Saving LED lighting for any commercial and industrial premises.

Traditional fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and health issues for you and your employees due to flickering and poor Lumen output.

LED lighting will not only provide greater Lumen output and eliminate flickering, but save you thousands of dollars on your ongoing energy costs due to largely reduced wattage.

Gabler Electrical has completed numerous upgrades at Government Schools within the ACT, as well as both large and small scale office facilities.

ACMA Accredited Structural Cable Installation

Gabler Electrical has a vast knowledge of structured cabling systems for all your data and communications needs. As an ACMA Accredited Company we can supply you with all your Data requirements from the installation of Media Outlets (Data/Voice Points) to a full office fit-out.

We can also install Cat 5c or Cat 6 Data and full patch racks or cabinets as required.

Check out our Registered Cablers page for more info.

Safety Switch & Surge Protection

Gabler Electrical can upgrade your current workplace to meet current work safe policies, protecting your staff and customers.

The installation of RCD safety switches, and surge protection, not only protects the people in your building but also equipment like computers, servers, phone systems and electronic displays which can cost many thousands of dollars.

Testing and Tagging

Ensure the safety of your workplace and staff with our comprehensive testing and tagging service today.
We conduct thorough electrical testing services in your workplace for your safety and for your Organisations OH&S Compliance.

All data is recorded and given to the client in Electronic form.

Level 1 Certified Thermography

Our proven inspection and assessment processes prevent breakdowns, downtime, potential loss of earnings and property loss, and in many cases identify problems not found using traditional inspection techniques. Regular thermography inspections of your electrical assets allow us to identify electrical faults before their failure becomes a costly concern for your business.

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