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Security Cameras & CCTV

When it comes to ensuring the security of your property you need security cameras. It is also vital to have someone you can trust, and that they know what they are doing.

Looking for the right advice concerning the security of your property?

Under Chris Gabler’s stewardship, his team of electricians will  ensure your home, farm or commercial premises are taken care of. It’s hard to beat Chris Gabler’s record as a security professional. Just take a look at his experience:

  • Former NSW Police Officer – qualified as an Electrician prior to joining the force
  • Completed numerous tasks whist in the Force, from “general duties” policing in Kings Cross, accredited weapons instructing for the Special Services Group, to his final role until his resignation as a Technical Surveillance Operative with the State Technical Investigations Branch (STIB)
  • One of Chris’s many roles was obtaining evidence in rural environments by implementing electronic surveillance equipment accompanied with his investigative role as a Police Officer
  • 2007 Chris resigned from the NSW Police Force to fulfill his ambition to work in Iraq as a Private Security Contractor

Chris continues to be passionate with technology. Training and R&D in technology for security continues to be a focus for Gabler Electrical. Chris and his team are confident in providing short and long term solutions for all your security camera & cctv needs.

Rural Farm Security Cameras

Rural crime costs millions of dollars every year to both residential and rural properties. Crime in rural areas is increasing and research by the Australian Institute of Criminology indicates that rates are highest in either easily accessible, or very remote areas. Even more disturbing is that 1 in 3 farms is affected more than once.

CCTV Installation Canberra

The total loss to farms as a result of crime in Australia in 2001 to 2002 was $72 million (A dated stat but pertinent and one can only assume that it has increased over the years).

Common examples of such crimes include theft of livestock, produce, machinery or other property; farmhouse burglary; vandalism or sabotage; and illegal hunting or fishing.

Highly accessible farms are more likely to experience theft of farm machinery, vehicles or tools, or burglary, whereas very remote farms experience higher levels of livestock theft, illegal hunting and fishing, theft of materials, and illegal dumping of waste.

 Farm & Home Security Cameras Canberra Region

Electrical Contractors you can trust

Gabler Electrical is able to provide farm Security Assessments and solutions to help primary producers assess the security of their properties and take preventative rather than re-active measures. Measures to improve on-farm security and reduce, minimise and STOP the risk of rural crime.